The Most Epic Spoon Prank Ever

When we get together with family and friends, it is difficult to say exactly what we are going to be doing by the time the afternoon is over. At times, we may just sit around and have a good conversation and perhaps share some food but at other times, we are going to want to play a game of some sort or another. For the men in this video, it was a game of spoons and they pulled off one of the best pranks ever.

In the spoons game, two people sit in front of each other and hold a wooden spoon or spatula in their mouth. One person leans forward while the other one hits them with the wooden spoon without taking it out of their mouth. In this prank, however, somebody is sneaking up behind the one man and hitting him solidly with a spatula. The look on his face is priceless.

The game goes on for quite some time, and you would think that he would figure out that something was up but he just doesn’t seem to get it. In fact, he even begins to make some excuses, perhaps even thinking that he is holding the wrong spoon!