Just For Laughs: Licked Sushi Prank

Sometimes it seems as if the world could be separated into 2 different groups, those who appreciate sushi and those who hate it. Of course, for those who like sushi, they are usually very passionate about it and they are willing to try new and different things that fall under the same label. This is especially true when free sushi is being provided, especially when it is being prepared by a master chef.

The individuals who were able to try the sushi in this video were obviously quite happy to give it a go. That is, of course, until they saw exactly how it was being prepared. You see, the chef was standing behind the counter and he was licking the sushi rolls to get them to stick together, and the look on their faces is absolutely hilarious! It is one of those practical jokes that just keep you laughing from the beginning to begin.

Of course, nobody is actually licking the sushi but it does show us that sometimes, we do tend to be a little bit trusting when it comes to this type of food. We may still enjoy sushi, but I’m not sure if we will ever get this visual image out of our mind.