Epic Old Man – Traffic Jam Prank

When you’re driving through a small town, it always helps to be kind and allow somebody to cross the street. That is especially true if they are a senior citizen or have some type of disability. It can make you feel good on the inside as you know you are helping somebody that needs it. There may also be times, however, when your act of kindness may just turn out to be one of the more frustrating situations imaginable.

In this gag video, people begin by showing such an act of kindness but it isn’t long before frustration sets in. As one senior citizen after another crosses the street in front of them and then begins to parade back and forth in the street in slow motion, you can see that their patience is running thin. For some people, they wear their expression clearly for everybody to see but for others, they try to keep themselves restrained until it gets ridiculous.

When you are faced with a frustrating situation, you have a number of different choices. For the most part, you can either get irritated over the problem or you can laugh about it, especially if there is nothing you can do about it.