September Was A Fantastic Month For News Bloopers. Enjoy!

There is just something about people that seems to make them enjoy laughing when other people make mistakes. It’s not that they are cruel and do it in order to be mean, it’s just that we can’t help ourselves. Perhaps it is somewhat of a discomfort because we realise that it just as easily could have been us. Regardless of why it happens, it is something that we often enjoy. That is why bloopers are so popular.

Sometimes it’s nice to watch bloopers from our favourite shows. After all, they rarely ever make it into the real show that we see on TV. Of course, it you want some really great bloopers that happen in real time, you don’t typically need to look any further than your local news. It doesn’t matter if you are an anchor or if you are on location, you never know when something funny is going to happen.

Rather than waiting for the news bloopers to happen, you can just watch the best for the entire month, right here in this video. It is one of those things that just keeps you smiling.