Funny Fisherman Fails

There’s nothing quite like getting out and doing some fishing. Many of us enjoy it as a pastime and it is a way for us to relax and almost take a mini vacation from our troubles. Of course, if you are really into fishing, you not only do it when you can but you also watch it on TV and learn everything you possibly can about it. Learning from the pros can certainly help to enhance your enjoyment of the sport but it is what takes place behind the scenes that is truly interesting.

There have been many fishermen who have gained a considerable amount of popularity on TV but perhaps one of the favourites is Bill Dance. He may do a number of different types of fishing but typically, he is going after largemouth bass. It is amazing to watch him catch some big fish but when you see the blooper reels, you will realise that he gets caught more often than not.

Bloopers have been a popular way for us to enjoy what really goes on in celebrities’ lives. Yes, it can be a lot of fun to watch the end result but when we see what happened on the way there you can’t help but laugh out loud.