Family Feud: What’s In His Pants?

There are many different game shows on TV but one of the most popular and longest-running of all time is Family Feud. Although there are many reasons why it may be popular, perhaps one of the most obvious is the fact that people get in some rather unusual situations when they are on the show. They are asked questions and by providing the answers, they either win or lose. There are also sometimes when we get to laugh because the answers are so outrageous.

Everybody realises that the producers of Family Feud slant the questions in order to get people to say the most unusual answers possible. In this particular show, Steve Harvey was asking the contestants to name something that a man might have in his pants when he goes on a hot date. The woman that gives the first answer absolutely nails it and they continue to work their way right down through the line.

It was then that they hit one of the contestants that said something so unusual, Steve didn’t even know if it could be aired on television! When he turns around and points to the board, he ends up being so shocked that he goes over with the other group of contestants and stands in their huddle.