Family Feud – What Kind of Candy in Bed?

I have always wanted to be on a television game show. I think I would do fairly well, because I tend to be calm and cool under fire and I can think fast on my feet. Of course, I’m sure that many of the other contestants who end up on these fail videos feel that they are in a similar situation but when the chips are down, they end up saying or doing something that makes all of us laugh.

When the two women came forward to center stage, Steve Harvey asked them to describe the type of candy bar that their mate is in bed. Admittedly, it is one of those unusual questions that you can’t prepare for in advance, but one of the ladies gave an answer that was absolutely hilarious. In fact, it even made Steve laugh out loud!

As they went down the line, asking the same question to each of the other contestants, they gave some rather unusual answers. Some of them were right, some were wrong. Eventually, he got back around to the original contestant and when she gave her new answer, it was so awesome that Steve gave her a high five!