Family Feud – What Are They Doing in the Bathroom?

It doesn’t matter if you are somebody who enjoys the Family Feud game show or not, you have to admit that there are some rather unusual situations that come up. That is especially true when Steve Harvey is on board and he is asking questions that could have some rather loaded answers. It often leads to a rather hilarious conclusion and at times, you can even leave Steve wondering how they could get away with saying it in the first place.

In this particular show, Steve Harvey asked the contestants to name something that someone may be doing if they were in the bathroom longer than five minutes. Admittedly, there are a lot of things that could be named but it was brought down to the top seven that were chosen by 100 individuals who were polled nationwide. Some people took a rather safe stance on the subject but one contestant just had to take a walk on the wild side.

Even before she gave her answer, Steve knew what she was going to say. He tried to dance around the subject but when she finally said it, it was out there for all to hear. It took a while for Steve to compose himself but when he did, I think everyone was surprised.