Family Feud: We Refuse To Answer

Have you ever been in a situation that was so uncomfortable you were not quite sure where to take it from there? This often happens in real life, especially when we must interact with people in difficult circumstances. For the two men in this video, however, it occurred when they were facing each other at the front of the stage on Family Feud. The question that was asked of them was so unusual, they just shook their heads and refused to answer.

Steve Harvey wanted them to name one of the seven dwarves that were most like their wife in bed. Apparently, these two men have been married long enough that they realised it was something that should not even be touched with a 10 foot pole. When the one man does provide an answer, he provides one that is probably as safe as possible and the other man simply refuses to say anything.

Family feud is my favourite game show, and it was especially fun when Steve Harvey was the host. You never quite knew what was going to take place on the show and at times, it got quite outlandish. In this particular episode, however, logic ruled the day and it is one that all men can appreciate.