Family Feud: Something that Follows the Word Pork

If there’s one thing I know about Family Feud, it’s the fact that you can never expect things to go as planned. That is especially true once they pull a rather unusual question out of a hat and start asking the contestants to provide an answer. It typically results in something that is not only funny; there are even times when it is not going to make the show because it is too racy.

In this particular show, Steve Harvey begins by asking the contestants to name something that follows the word pork. I can think of a number of interesting answers, but after a few decent answers are given, it goes south very quickly. In fact, one of the contestants provides an answer that is so out of the ordinary that Steve Harvey actually stops and says “Huh?” and simply stares at him. It is one of those rare moments in which Steve is truly speechless.

When you’re playing for money on a game show, you want to make sure that you always put your best foot forward. In the back of my mind, I would like to think that the answer this young man provided was nowhere near his best foot.