Family Feud – Describe Your Love Life

Game shows are a rather interesting phenomenon, and they are quite popular as well. Perhaps one of the most popular of all game shows, however, is Family Feud. It got its start back in 1976 and it has been running off and on ever since. It has also seen a number of hosts, including Richard Dawson and, more recently, Steve Harvey. The premise of the show is for the contestants to answer a question and to try to guess what the population that was polled is going to answer. It can lead to some rather interesting results.

From time to time, the show will throw a zinger in there, and if you are not cautious, you may end up embarrassing yourself and ending up on a rather funny fail video. That was the case with this question, where Steve Harvey was asking the contestants to name the road sign that would best describe their love life. The answers were both interesting and hilarious.

Sometimes, it seems as if the host of Family Feud has a very good rapport with some of the contestants. That was the case when this question was asked and, although ultimately it was a fail, we are all winners because we get to see it.