Family Feud: Best Answer Steve’s Ever Heard

Have you ever sat and thought about what you would do if you landed an opportunity to get on a game show? Many of us feel as if we would do quite well, but you never quite know what is going to take place when the pressure is on. Time and time again, we see situations where people are unable to do what is necessary to move forward in the game show and it can often lead to some rather amusing situations.

Although there are many different game shows that have been on TV, Family Feud is one that is iconic. It is one of the longest running game shows of all time, and if you have not had the opportunity to see it before, you are missing out on a rare treat. It pits one group of people against another and they have to answer questions on the fly, trying to guess what was the most popular answer when 100 individuals were polled.

Steve Harvey is perhaps one of the most popular hosts of the Family Feud game show of all time. As you can imagine, he has heard almost everything from the contestants but when he heard this answer, it absolutely blew him away.