Sometimes Security Cameras catch a gem

Life has a way of happening in front of us, and if we look away too quickly, we may miss something rather awesome. The video that you are about to see is a perfect example of that type of situation. It was shot by a home surveillance camera and it shows a scene that happens on a daily basis all around the world. A FedEx driver is delivering something, and as he drives his car up the road and beyond the site of the security camera, the dogs are excitedly chasing him on the inside of the fence.

Nothing is really unusual at this point, but suddenly you see the truck reappear in the screen and it is heading backwards! Apparently, he forgot to put the truck into gear and now, it is quickly getting away from him. At one point, he almost is able to save the day but unfortunately, the truck is just a little too fast for him and it continues on its unfortunate travels down the street.

Eventually, the driver gives up on the opportunity to get the truck and it takes a rather unusual path through the neighbor’s yard, past the tree and into the alley on the other side of the yard. We all got a good laugh, but I’m sure the driver wasn’t laughing at this point.